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School Day

Breakfast Club:  

8am - 8.40am including breakfast. Early Years Parents can pre-book these sessions with their key worker.

  • Morning Session: 8.40am - 12 Noon
  • Extended Morning: 8.40am - 1pm including a hot lunch
  • Full Day Session: 8.40am - 3.15pm including hot lunch

Parents may choose to enrol their child for whole-day sessions and for Breakfast Club and Night Owls according to individual requirements.  Children who are enrolled for extended mornings or whole-day sessions all have a school lunch

Staff are ready to receive children from 8.40 a.m. onwards.

The day starts with a selection of planned practical activities. At 9.15am the children move into their Key Groups for a short circle time before moving onto their day's planned key focus activities, such as hand-control tasks, shape and number work, art and craft as well as opportunities for outdoor play, nature walks, gym etc.  A morning break for snack and a drink takes place at 10.10am. The children have a full session of learning that is always fun!

At 12 Noon the Morning Session children are collected from their classrooms.


The youngest children (2-3 year olds)  have their lunch in the Early Years dining room where they eat with their peer group and key workers.

The older children (4-5 year olds) have their lunch in the main school dining room with their key workers and this enables them to eat with the rest of the Prep School.

Those children who attend the Extended Morning Sessions are collected from the Early Years classrooms at 1pm


Those who stay for the afternoon (Full Day Session) will have the opportunity to experience a mix of both adult and child led activities within the indoor and outdoor classrooms. At 2.10pm we stop for a drink and snack.

At 3.20pm Children are collected from the Early Years classrooms.

Night Owls:

3.20pm - 5.30pm including tea which is served at about 4.30pm (Monday-Thursday)