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Recycling Nursery Furniture

It was so lovely to receive this certificate from @fonthillcharity after we donated the old nursery furniture to their project! #makingadifference


Recycling Old Uniform

My heart was warmed as I watched a news report this week; the little boy in the report was wearing one of our old tracksuit tops which we donated to a charity to take to the camps outside Calais. Mrs Miller, mother of former pupils Natalie & Lana, was part of a group that collected our cast offs and took them over to France. In the piece the reporter commented that the little boy was wearing clothes donated from a school in England and at the end, the camera zoomed in on the badge!




How great to see that the clothes are being put to good use.

The link below summarises the report.



This term, all of the old stock of uniform and other resources was taken by Fonthill Foundation to schools in Africa.  Many African children learn in extremely basic classrooms,  with little and quite often no resources while in the UK schools and offices are being refurbished regularly, with perfectly usable equipment thrown away because no-one will take it. Well, now they will!



Mobokoli – A Solidarity Project for Africa

In 2007 we celebrated the 400th Anniversary of the foundation of the Company of Mary Our Lady.  To mark the occasion a new solidarity project for Africa, called Mobokoli, was started in Kinshaza, the Capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mobokoli is in Selembao, a marginalised district of Kinshaza. Selembao is the district with the highest number of displaced people.  It has many street children and boys who have been child-soldiers.

Mobokoli is an educational centre that is being built with the help of many friends all over the world. It will help the poorest have access to the empowering tool of education. It will also be a centre with projection in the local community.

What motivated the Mobokoli project

Being a child in Congo is not easy.  The country is living through a situation of armed conflict and instability. The children have no access to educational opportunities. It takes a huge economic effort for the parents to send their children to school. The children dream of another reality, but usually have to drop out of school at a very young age. One young lad says: "When I see others go to school, I'm envious, because I don't know how to read and write.

Bobo Gloire, 10 years old, is typical of many children in Congo.  She says: "I used to study, but I stopped at 3rd grade because we had no money. Now I do the housework and help mummy in the field. If I could study, I would like to be a teacher to teach other children."

Kinshaza Up-date

Thanks to international help from many friends, including pupils, parents, teachers and friends of Notre Dame, the new centre is underway. Work is progressing on the construction of Mobokoli. The building is going up slowly but surely, despite the fact that the cost of building materials in Africa is constantly escalating. As you can see from the photos, our 400th Anniversary solidarity project is becoming a reality.

The Sisters of the Company of Mary are grateful for the help and solidarity of all our friends. A big thank you to all of you!