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I would like you to see below a wonderful message from Paul Collier, the composer of Music Box Lullaby, who has kindly given us his permission to publish our video on You Tube.

Thank you to Paul for his beautiful music and for these incredibly encouraging comments.  

Girls, this is a real achievement to be proud of.  Your music is being recognised by the composer himself.  I am absolutely thrilled for you.

Here is the recording by our very own Music Maestros!


Thank you to all the girls again for their music, and to Paul for his superb piece that made it all possible.  Here is his original recording on You Tube for you all to hear:​ 


Many thanks and best wishes,


Mrs Shaw. 


From: Paul Collier 
Sent: Thursday, June 25, 2020 12:09 PM
To: Julie Shaw
Subject: RE: Music Box Lullaby


Dear Mrs Shaw,


Wow! That is so beautiful. What an incredibly talented group of girls they are! How could I possibly say no to a kind request to make this recording public? I would be honoured and fully agree that it would be a nice memento. Lock down has been such a negative period in our lifetime so for something so positive to come from it I think is wonderful!

You have my permission to make it public with accreditation on YouTube as it will be something for the girls to look back on with fond memory I hope.

Would you please pass on these words to the girls and their parents...


If I do not see each and every one of you on the TV in a musical setting I will be truly shocked! The talent you have blows me away. Tears in my eyes at how you have made my music sound so beautiful. Expertly played and jaw droppingly sweetly sang. Please keep doing what you are doing!


I wish you, the girls and their families, and your school a safe 2020.




Paul Collier