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Latest news from the Senior School Music Department!

Senior Teatime Concert

Teatime Concert

The inaugural Senior Teatime Concert will take place on 9th March from 4.20-5pm in the Lytton Parlour. Teatime Concerts will regularly occur just after half-term each term. They will provide an informal environment for performers to demonstrate their skills. The Teatime Concert is also a perfect opportunity for students preparing for music exams to give their pieces an airing!


Update regarding choirs at the Senior School:


Choirs will continue to rehearse after school each Tuesday but after this half-term a new Chapel Choir will be launched. Mr Hodgson will publish full details to the pupils over the coming few days.

The Senior Easter Concert

Easter Concert

The Senior Easter Concert will take place on 29th March in the Chapel. This concert will feature the school Orchestra, Choirs and selected soloists. Time TBC.

Senior Inter-House Music Competition

Senior House Music Competition

Senior Inter-House Music Competition will take place in the Summer Term. Mr Hodgson will provide all the necessary information about the competition before the end of this term.

Mr Hodgson, Head of Music