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Last Friday, Year 3 invited Mr George, our Chaplain, to come and make Rosaries with us!  We have been learning about the Rosary prayer, and how Rosary beads help us during this special prayer.

Year 3 Rosary Beads

Jamie said, “ The Rosary prayer is a big prayer with lots of little prayers inside it.” Josephine said “ The Rosary beads help us to keep track of what section we are on in the big prayer, so that we can concentrate on praying rather than worry if we have forgotten a section.”  We made the Rosary beads, focusing particularly on colour choice to also help us with the sections of the prayer. 

It was made even more special when Mr George quickly popped back up to his room to fetch his own precious Rosaries, including one from his Mum that we thought must have been at least 70 years old and was made of very delicate stones. He also showed us a Rosary that his friend had given to him many years ago, that had come from The Vatican and had been blessed by The Pope. 

We were so impressed by the girls’ perseverance of bead threading and intricate tying of knots, and we were thrilled to host Mr George during the activity.


Well done girls,

Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Davies