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For Anti-Bullying this week, the girls have been living up to the theme of 'One Kind Word'. Monday we came together for Odd Socks Day to celebrate that we are all unique. It was lovely to see everyone embracing this and we certainly had some colourful combinations! 

Prep Odd Socks Day

The Prep School were reminded that in order for someone's actions to be considered bullying, they must be repetitive. For example, someone who falls out with a friend one day but are friends again the next is not a bully. A bully is someone who is intentionally unkind on a regular basis.

The girls were able to tell us what they believed bullying was and here are some of their thoughts:

Saying unkind things

Lying and spreading rumours

Intentionally ignoring someone

The School Council came up with a wonderful idea to create a 'Poster Calendar'. Each day the girls would open up a card which had an activity they must do, for example; 'To play a game with someone you do not usually play with' or 'Say hello to people you pass in the corridor'. 

The girls really enjoyed choosing their activity each morning and most of all, they liked sharing how it made them and others feel at the end of the day. 

It has been really heart-warming to see how much the girls have embraced and understood the importance of Anti-Bullying and how much kindness there is in our school. 

Mrs Botham