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Shortly before the end of last year, Pope Francis announced that within the church the year 2021 would be dedicated to St Joseph.

The bible tells us that Joseph was a carpenter, and that he was from the family of David.  He was betrothed to Mary when he was told by an angel in a dream that she was to bear a child, and that the child was to be named Jesus.  We know that with Mary, Joseph travelled to Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, and that with Mary he escaped with Jesus when King Herod sought to have Jesus killed.  With Mary, Joseph brought up the child Jesus, presented him in the Temple, and later found Jesus in the Temple preaching to the elders.

St Joseph

Everything we know about Joseph from the bible we know through narrative.  The Gospels do not contain a single word spoken by Joseph.  In words he is silent, but in actions he is powerful.  Joseph’s actions reveal his dedication to his family, and his trust in God.  His is the perfect example that actions speak louder than words.

Being selflessly dedicated to family, and having trust in God, are always going to be important qualities to strive to achieve or to maintain.  They seem even more so now during these trying times, as we are reminded of what is truly important in life, and of God’s promise to sustain and support through times of challenge. 

Together with our patron St Jeanne de Lestonnac and Mary, may St Joseph look over us and provide us with protection and with calm in 2021.

St Joseph … pray for us


Mr George, Chaplain