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On Tuesday evening we celebrated with Year 13.  We celebrated the end of their A levels, we celebrated all their achievements during their time at Notre Dame, and we celebrated all their contributions to their school.  We celebrated the fine young adults that they have grown up to be.

The evening began with Mass in the chapel, celebrated by Fr Mervyn.  Each of the readings chosen for the Mass spoke to us pertinently about the occasion.

The author of the book of Ecclesiastes wrote about their being a time for everything: ‘a time to born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot …’.  For everything there is a proper time.  Now is the proper time for our Year 13s to be moving on from Notre Dame to the next stage in their lives.

In the psalm the response was ‘Give thanks to the Lord for he is good.’  We gave thanks, indeed, for our Year 13 students.  We thanked God for the privilege of having been part of their lives.  In the second reading, from the letter to the Ephesians, we heard St Paul’s words, expressing his own prayer, that those on their journey of life and faith may be filled with a love of Christ, and with the utter fullness of God.

Finally, our Gospel reading reminded us of the importance of having strong foundations that we can rely on, that are not easily shaken, and that will remain with us, underpinning us as we build.  For our students that foundation is their school, faithful to the ethos of St Jeanne and to the living out of the Gospel values.

Fr. Mervyn Williams at Y13 Celebration Mass 2022

During Mass each of the Year 13 students came forwards to light a candle on the altar.  As each lit a candle they were invited to make their own private and silent prayer, and all of the rest of us were invited to pray for them.

Please do pray for our Year 13 students at this time in their lives.  May all they have learned during their time at Notre Dame remain with them.  May this be a strong foundation for the rest of their lives.  May they always know the love that God has for each of them.  And may they share that love with others, changing the world in the ways that St Jeanne inspires us to do, and being the people that God created us to be.

God Bless,

Mr George, Chaplain