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Last Sunday was the feast of The Body and Blood of Jesus, and this theme has run through our Prep School liturgies this week.


The Body and Blood of Jesus

As Infants and as Juniors the pupils have listened to the Gospel account of Jesus feeding the five thousand with just two loaves of bread and five fish.  Jesus gave to all what they needed.  More than that, the food that Jesus gave was enough to fill everyone up, and fill several baskets with the left-overs.

This is one of Jesus’ miracles.  How could such little food, taken, blessed, broken and given, be more than enough for five thousand people?  ‘Trust in me and I will provide,’ is Jesus’ message. 

The feeding of the five thousand provided a foretaste of the Last Supper when Jesus took, blessed, broke and gave bread, saying ‘This is my body’.

When we do our food shopping we have to think about what we need for the next day, or the next week, or the next fortnight.  Our planning is relatively short-term.  The food given by Jesus is different; the food given by Jesus in the Eucharist, his body and blood, is the food to last for eternity.

This week we have celebrated Mass in the Prep School, celebrating the First Holy Communions of all those who have received this sacrament since the last time we held such a celebration Mass, in June 2019.  To receive Holy Communion is to receive the food given by Jesus, to receive Jesus himself.  It is to receive the very nourishment not just to fill us today, but to fill us for eternity.

Congratulations to the pupils who have received their First Holy Communion recently.  May a love for the Eucharist always grow within their hearts.

God Bless,

Mr George, Chaplain