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Feast Day

Today is the wonderful feast of The Presentation of the Child Mary in the Temple, celebrated as a feast day by all schools in the Company of Mary Our Lady.

In our school we have a number of statues and images of Our Lady.  Mary is venerated because she was chosen and said ‘Yes’ to God … ‘Yes’ to being the Mother of Christ.

It was the Council of Ephesus, in 431, that gave Mary the title Theotokos, which means ‘God-bearer’.

Amongst the statues and images of Mary in the school it is those in which Mary is holding Christ, and most particularly showing Christ to us, that best remind us of why we celebrate her importance.

Statues of Mary at ND Holding Christ

On this feast day we are challenged and encouraged to follow Mary’s example; listening to God, responding with a ‘Yes’ to God, and through our own lives showing Christ to the world.

Wishing every blessing on this feast day.

Mr George, Chaplain