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Today we are celebrating the Presentation of Mary Our Lady in the Temple.  St Jeanne herself chose this as the feast day for the students in the first school of the Company of Mary Our Lady more than 400 years ago, and it has remained so in all Company of Mary Our Lady schools ever since.

Child Mary Statue

The Presentation of Mary in the Temple encourages us to think about openness to God, and about preparation.  With the support of her parents, Mary was presented before God; her actions were a symbol of dedication to God, and of willingness to be guided by his word and his will.  She put her life into his hands.  This was the beginning of her earthly preparation to be the mother of God.  The events we will hear retold at Christmas-time did not just happen; it was God’s will, and God ensured that Mary was prepared in order to be able to fulfil the role he had for her.

Today we rejoice that Mary was willing to dedicate her life to God.  She accepted God’s plan for her.  She brought to birth, Jesus Christ.

Notre Dame … pray for us.

Mr George, Chaplain