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One of the five teachings of St Jeanne on which we are focussing this year is: keep friendship among you.  This was the theme for Year 7’s Reflection Day on Thursday.

Year 7 Reflection Day 21

During the course of the day the students took part in several different activities, all about friendship and teamwork.  They met their ‘Big Sisters’ from Year 12.  They worked collaboratively to discuss and make posters illustrating the essentials of friendship.  Again they worked collaboratively to plan, experiment and problem solve with an outdoor activity in which teamwork was essential.  They had to speak to lots of different Year 7 peers, including students they may not have spoken to before this year.  They were joined by some Year 13s, who took part in a Question and Answer session, providing great advice on the principles and practicalities of friendship.  At the end of the day they all participated in a liturgy in the chapel.  As part of the liturgy each student wrote what was to them the most important word associated with friendship on a pebble, and then presented these at the foot of the cross – a most powerful symbol of our shared commitment to friendship, living out that key teaching of St Jeanne.

Year 7 Reflection Day Pebbles

Well done to all the Year 7s for participating so well in a fruitful and enjoyable day.

God Bless,

Mr George, Chaplain