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In the first few weeks of this term I have been writing about five teachings of St Jeanne on which we are really focussing this year.  So far I have reflected on: ‘Keep the flame alive’, ‘Keep friendship among you’, and ‘Serve in a way that is always new’.  The remaining two are ‘Live up to your name’, and ‘Stretch out a hand’.

Our school, Notre Dame, bears the name of the mother of God.  Put simply, living up to our name means trying to learn from and follow the example of Notre Dame, Our Lady, Mary, Mother of God.

What is the example of Mary we are called to follow?  Mary’s heart was open to God and she listened.  Even though she asked, ‘But how can this be?’ she trusted God and accepted God’s plan for her.  She said ‘Yes’ to being the mother of Jesus.  She bore Jesus, and shared him with the world.

St Jeanne’s wish for all of us is that we too are open to God and listen; that we put our trust in God; and that we show and share the love of Jesus with the world.

Our Lady

Notre Dame … pray for us.

God Bless,

Mr George, Chaplain