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Another busy week at ND Forest School!

Year 1

 Year 1 Forest School Oct 10th

Celebrating #ForestSchoolDay  Year 1 had the chance to stop as they shared out gratitude for ND Forest School around the camp fire



Forest School - Reception Oct 12th

The rain added to our fun this week and made it perfect conditions for planting our salad onions. We decided to plant them in our largest tyre and working out which one was, was so much fun. We had just enough time to make a fairy fire cake & sing happy birthday!

Upper Nursery

Forest School - Upper Nursery Oct 16th

It’s a bug’s life! We went on a mini-beast hunt - what a great way for our nursery children to get up close to nature. We encouraged them to use their observation skills and to use their detective skills! #Forestschoolassociation

Forest School Club

Forest School Club Oct 15th

Our last Forest School Club - what a journey we have been on! Lots of laughter, new experiences and a whole lot of friendship! For our last camp fire we enjoyed our delicious orange cake and the rain held off for us!

Mrs Skuse, Forest School Leader