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Upper Nursery Group 1

We encouraged the children to be as creative and observant as they can be at Forest School. Things have been getting very busy in the mud kitchen and the children have worked hard to create lots of different concoctions.  We have had lovely chocolates made of mud, water and leaves stirred to perfection with sticks.  We also made lots of different mud pies all different sizes and densities.  We then collected lots of wood and decided to build another fire pit just for nursery. Happy Wednesday………

Please enjoy our photos.

Upper Nursery Forest School Sep 25th

Upper Nursery Group 2

Upper Nursery Group 2 Sep 25th

We went to the forest and the rain & the hail only added to our fun! We had some visitors - “The Three Little Pigs & The Friendly Husky” we made up our own story! Then we searched for materials to use for constructing houses stickers, ferns & building blocks - our friends were thrilled with their new houses. Time for snack, and we have decided as the weather is getting cooler we need hot chocolate next week!


Reception Forest School Sep 25th

What a great FS session we had! We listened to the story The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas. It’s one of our favourite stories. This was followed by a scavenger hunt to look for colours in nature to represent the different emotions we were feeling!

Smiling face with smiling eyes


Forest School Club

Forest School Club Sep 25th

The rain held off so were able to light the fire again! We remembered all our safety rules around the fire roasted bread and it tasted so yummy! Then it was time to get the wood, hammer and nails out - we made some spiky hedgehogs!


Mrs Skuse, Forest School Leader