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Young Artists Summer Show

We are delighted to let you know that Notre Dame has been registered for this exciting event.

Who can take part?

Students aged 5-19 studying in the UK or attending a British school overseas can enter artworks. 

How can I enter?

Submitting artwork is completely free and is done online. If you’re 12 or under, a teacher or parent/guardian will need to enter for you; if you’re 13 or over you can submit artworks yourself.

Each student can submit up to three artworks of any type and there is no theme. When you enter, we’ll ask for images of your artwork plus some information about the piece such as title, size, and a little text about the artwork and why you made it. Your artwork will be seen by our panel of judges and the selected pieces will be shown in our online exhibition. Some of the artworks will also be shown at the Royal Academy of Arts.

What kind of artworks do you accept?

The artwork can be made using any medium (a word for the materials you’ve used to create your piece). It can be a painting, sculpture, photograph, installation, video, drawing, or a combination. There is no theme so artworks can be of any subject and we don’t mind when you made the artwork as long as you are between 5-19 when you submit it. We also welcome collaborative pieces made by more than one student, a whole class, or even a whole year group! If you are doing art at GCSE, A Level or BTEC level, we suggest entering artworks that won’t be part of your exams.

How does the judging work?

All of the artworks are viewed and judged by a panel of artists and art professionals. There are two sets of judges, one for artworks made by primary students and one for secondary. When the judges make their selections, they choose which artworks will be shown online and which will be shown at the Royal Academy. Everyone who submits artworks will hear from us by the end of May.


Prizes are awarded each year for two inspiring artworks from each key stage, as chosen by the President of the Royal Academy, and you can also vote for your favourite artwork in our annual People’s Choice Award. All prize winners will receive vouchers for art materials plus a free practical workshop for their school. Take a look at the 2020 prize winning artworks.

Everything you Need to Know About Submitting

Mrs Basra