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House Points Champions League – Week 10 

Did you throw your entire sock drawer in a basket? Every ball in existence thrown at a wall? Are you still planking? Well, you can stop now. No really - the house points totals are in and the Virtual Sports Day has obliterated all records since records began (10 weeks ago now).  

Week 10 Year Group House Points

Year 8 not only earned more points than Year 7 this week they also smashed the world record, which was merely a week old. It is still slim margins though (see below) but Year 8 will need another mammoth effort to topple Year 7 overall.  

Year Group Totals

Montaigne still look unstoppable, but Eyquem earned the most points this week. Perhaps they heard me last week. It is not over!  

House Totals June 26th

The individual champions competition is building to a climactic finish too. Alice C’s 4,000,000 sports day step count was richly rewarded as she yo-yos Xinyi into first place again. Do not write off Emily S’s sprint finish either once she has recovered from planking.  

Top of Years

Huge news in the top form rankings too as 9GH have been toppled for the first time since lockdown began by 9SD. 

Top Form Week 10

So, it will come as no surprise then that the PE department are this weeks subject champions. They were merely biding their time, carefully waiting for the right moment and big occasion (Sports day) to pounce, and boy did they!!  

Subject Champions Week 10


Miss Dudgeon did warn me of a massive second wave but nothing could have prepared us for this as we are all "trailing in the wake of Mrs Marsh’s super powered swan song..." (Thanks Ms Coles) 

Next week then kids expect: a hastily arranged 500 hundred words competition from the English department,  to perform in a virtual concert in Music, mass geo-caching in Geography, build your own Hadron Collider in Physics, and to re-enact the Battle of Hastings in History. Futile I reckon! 

Mr Lawley