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Tooled Up News May 13th

Children’s Mental Health Week has arrived and we’ve been mulling over how important it is for all children to feel included and valued. Unfortunately, harmful talk that denigrates different social and ethnic groups is still a feature in young people’s conversations. Instilling positive, proactive messages about dealing with or avoiding making these comments is important for families to consider. That’s why we’ve joined up with clinical psychologist, Dr Elly Hanson, to give you some top tips on what to do if you think that these conversations are happening in your child’s peer group and how to help them to tackle them.. 

Other new additions to the library this week include a simple activity to help young children think about all of the different kinds of fabulous families in the world and to take pride in their own circle of loved ones, whatever form it takes, as well as a list of 75 simple things that your child could do outside.

Our series of expert webinars also continues over the coming months, all free and exclusive to our Tooled Up communities. On May 16th, we are joined by Dr Laura Towers, who will talk about supporting children and young people through the devastating event of a sibling bereavement and, on May 18th, we discuss post-separation parenting with Dr Sarah Foley. Find out more or sign up to either event now.

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