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Tooled up News Update

Tooled Up News Dec 10th

We’ve been continuing our resource revamp this week, with new versions of Raising a Resilient Child, and some of our anxiety related resources - our Wobble Worksheet and I Want to Wow my Wobbles. We love how inviting they look to fill in. We’d really love to know what you think!

It’s National Grief Awareness Week at the moment. Unfortunately, the loss of a loved one is something that 92% of children will go through before the age of 16 and up to 70% of schools have a bereaved pupil on roll at any given time (Child Bereavement Network). For detailed guidance on how to talk to a child who is facing the death of a loved one, search for ‘grief and bereavement’ on the Tooled Up site. These include a short audio clip where Dr Weston shares her thoughts, an article on helping children to cope with loss, tips to help children deal with the death of a pet, and a list of useful organizations. You can also get inspiration from our list of books to help with bereavement and listen to our podcast interview with Julia Samuel MBE, author of Grief Works, where we discuss how parents and teachers can support young people when someone they love dies.           

Did you know that over 50,000 children in the UK are deaf, and that temporary deafness affects 80% of children by the time they are 10? We’ve just added 20 important facts to know about deafness and also an amazing list of over 250 useful websites and resources for deaf children, their families and schools. For anyone interested in learning more about deafness, don’t forget about our webinar on December 13th at 7.30pm, where Dr Weston will be talking about building resilience in deaf children with educational audiologist and teacher of the deaf, Dr Joy Rosenberg. Book your free tickets now!