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Tooled Up News Jan 21st


At Tooled Up, we’re still busily updating some of our resources. Did you know that giving children small chores around the home supports the development of their executive functions, which includes the ability to plan, prioritise, focus and remember instructions (listen to our podcast with Professor Adele Diamond to find out more)? Our Chores List has always been a popular download, but we wanted to make it even better, so we’ve given it a revamp and broken it down into three different age categories - chores appropriate for children aged two to five, those of primary age and young people over 11. We’ve also written some tips for encouraging children to get involved in chores. We hope you find them useful! 

As oral health is now part of the school curriculum, we are currently making Tooled Up video resources and tip sheets on dental hygiene for younger children (we've already created a list of relevant books), and are seeking an enthusiastic 3-6 year old who would like to kick-start their acting career. If interested, contact us:

If any of our Tooled Up parents happen to be dentists in the Herts/Beds area, and would like to offer up their surgery for a little bit of filming, let us know! We can all make going to the dentist part of our 2022 plans. Why not add it to our new goal setting planner?

We have a new Researcher of the Month for January, Dr Rachel Nesbit. She spoke to us all about the importance of adventurous play and what we can do to ensure our children are getting enough of it. The podcast is available for you to listen to now!

Finally, we've added a brand new, exciting feature to the Tooled Up website this week. It is designed to help you find the resources that you need more quickly. Can you spot it? Let us know if you can, the first person to email the correct answer will win a Tooled Up water bottle.