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Tooled Up News May 20th

Did you know that it was the United Nations’ International Day of Families on May 15th? This year, the focus was on urbanisation and its impact on family life and wellbeing. Looking closer to home, we can all benefit from paying close attention to the quality of our interactions at home, celebrating the aspects of family life that are successful and working to improve those that could use some attention. We’ve got several resources designed to kickstart tricky conversations about the good and the bad in family life. 

Check out our top ten tips on making family conversation more productive, particularly when teens are involved and our accompanying template to use before and during these family audit meetings. If you have younger children, our My Family Life activity is a great way to prompt reflections on the positives and negatives of everyday life. It’s not only in family life that we have tricky conversations.

We also want to encourage children to feel pride in their circle of loved ones, whatever form it takes. Our Fantastic Families activity can help them to think about all the fabulous families in the world and add their own family unit to the page. You might also like to listen to our podcasts with Professor Susan Golombok on non-traditional family forms and Professor Kathryn Almack on same-sex parenting, or check out our list of books that celebrate different families in all their wonderful variety. 

This week, we’ve also welcomed two experts for webinars on different aspects of family life. First, sociologist Dr Laura Towers spoke to us about supporting young people through sibling bereavement and then we were joined by Dr Sarah Foley for a discussion on post-separation parenting and what the research suggests to be optimal approaches. If these subjects are of interest to you but you missed them live, recordings will be in the library soon.

Finally, is your child moving to a new school this year, or next? If you want to be ‘tooled up’ about transition, then make sure that you join our webinar on June 22nd at 7.30pm, when Dr Weston will whizz through some of the best evidence-based tips to support children as they move on to the next educational stage. Register your free ticket now.

To access Tooled Up the details are all on Firefly and can be accessed by clicking on the image above!