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Year 3 have been completing their final PSHEE project:  My Virtual Learning Portrait.


Inspired by New York artist Gregg Segal whose work provokes self-reflection by focusing on memory, beliefs and values, the girls have been reflecting on items that they have used in their remote learning journey. 

Year 3 Virtual Learning Portrait

They have used these items to display around themselves as a "virtual learning portrait" - photographing a memory that they will lock into their time capsules, ready for opening in the summer term of year 4.


It has been a remarkable journey of learning for us all, and it is wonderful to see the girls' reflections on what has been important to them during this time.


Thank you to Mrs Bachan for sharing the initial idea from her friend who did something similar in Seoul with her class - a truly international PSHEE lesson!


Well done girls, a wonderful end to a fantastic year!


Mrs Fletcher and Miss Boyd