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Mrs Coles’ Year 8 students researched women in Elizabethan England and presented their findings in some very creative ways. Aren’t they amazing!?

Year 8 English Research Presentation


Year 9 Theatre Workshops - Dramatising The Story of Macbeth

Today, we welcomed Ellie from theatre group Prologue. She worked with Year 9 classes, discussing tragedy, playing Romeo and Juliet themed games and dramatising the story of Macbeth. Here are some images of Mrs Chislett’s class, doing fantastic things in their workshop.

Year 9 Theatre Workshop - Mrs Chislett

Ms Rusholme’s class (and guests) in their theatre workshop, retelling the story of Macbeth; playing witches, Kings and murderers:

Year 9 Theatre Workshop - Ms Rusholme

In a tragedy, (pretty much) everyone dies; here are some pictures of Mr Mac and Mrs Coles’ classes acting out all the murders, plotting and deaths in Shakespeare’s play. 

Year 9 Theatre Workshop - Mr Mac and Mrs Coles

Ms Rusholme, Head of English