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Our Humanities curriculum aims to inspire children to become more confident, creative, and independent learners who engage in real life experiences both inside and outside of school through carefully planned educational visits, visitors, experiments, and exploration to enhance their learning. The Humanities’ curriculum allows pupils to acquire fundamental knowledge of significant historical events, places, and people, including those who have contributed to national and international achievements. We equip children with the key geographical skills to understand and help make the world a better place. We aim for children to understand the past and develop a sense of chronology. Children will gain a sound knowledge and understanding about a range of eras. We promote an interest and curiosity about the world before them, and how the past impacts on the world today. We give opportunities for the children to engage using different learning styles, in practical and classroom-based activities.

Year 1 Dinosaurs

Year 1 Dinosaurs


Year 2 Great Fire of London Workshop

Year 2 Great Fire of London 2023


Year 3 Planting

Year 3 Planting - Humanities

Year 4 Mummification

Year 4 Mummification


Year 5 Remembrance Day Assembly

5T Class Assembly - Hope and Light


Year 6 Vikings Workshop

Year 6 Vikings Workshop


Through our unique programme of stunning starts and fabulous finishes, Class Teachers plan exciting, progressive, enquiry-led lessons. Planning refers both to the National Curriculum and other progression documents including TT Education Skills. Each unit has built in practice, retrieval, and reinforcement of key concepts to ensure knowledge sticks in the long-term memory. We recognise the importance for children to gain ‘real-life’ experiences through hands-on, practical activities, and we ensure this happens through fieldwork and educational visits.

Year 1 Visit to The Victorian Museum

Year 1 Visit Victorian Museum 2023


Year 2 Trip to Painshill Park

Y2 Trip to Painshill Park

Year 3 at Butser Farm

Y3 Trip to Butser Farm 23


Year 4 at Ufton Court

Year 4 Residential to Ufton Court 2023



Year 6 WW2 Trip to Henley Fort

Year 6 Henley Fort 2023 - Group 2



Prep Learning
Prep Netball
Prep ICT
Prep Learning - Art
Prep Violin Student
Prep Dance