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UCAS Preparation

The UCAS process starts in the March of Year 12 with a Higher Education talk to parents and a visit to the UCAS Convention at the University of Surrey. This trip enables students to speak to admissions tutors and explore the options available to them for Post-18 study.

Following the summer AS examinations, the students will focus on UCAS and Higher Education. The first day back after the examinations is Higher Education Day and the focus is to highlight the girls’ future choices. Girls are logged on to the UCAS website, attend workshops and listen to speakers from a variety of areas including gap years, CVs as well as listening to alumni students.  At ND6 we have a rigorous tutorial programme to support the application process and General Studies sessions are focused on personal statements, applications and support for the girls.

ND6 students have access to the Head of Sixth Form whose open door policy is thoroughly utilised during this time. A combination of subject teacher input and tutor comments enable a highly comprehensive reference to be written by the Head of Sixth Form.

All girls receive the utmost support from the Sixth Form team.

Additionally, if a girl has decided that university is not the path for her, we have a wealth of experience with Foundation Courses, Apprenticeships and other Further Education opportunities.   

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