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Welcome by the Head Girl

It may be two last years of school and despite being the most stressful, Notre Dame ensures that we make the most of our time here. With hands on support and a nurturing community the school enables students to flourish and grow in such a short amount of time.

Both of us started our Notre Dame Journey from year 7 and when it came to choosing a sixth form we both decided to stay on at Notre Dame. This was a great choice for many reasons for instance, as a small sixth form, classes remain small which enables more interaction with the teachers and one to one help if needed, allowing for no student to go unnoticed. Additionally, the teachers are incredibly committed to helping you achieve the best results you can get hence why, students never feel afraid to knock on their door or send them an email if they have a query.

Why did we choose Notre Dame?

It is true when they say that these 18 months fly by and they are a crucial time in your life which you cannot get back! Therefore, I believe it is essential to make the most of your time in A level education, receiving the best teaching, the constant support and being able to work in an enriching environment. For us ND6 has provided all of this and more. Whether you are thinking of going to university, taking a gap year, starting an apprenticeship or even going straight into work, Notre Dame provides a strong platform to embark on that stage of your life while enabling you to enjoy yourself. In the Sixth form we are given a lot of opportunities to flourish in all aspects of life, from Young Enterprise, to the Chaplaincy Team, from Prefect to even a Gold Fish Monitor! We are encouraged to take part in the school and wider community. We have an all-weather pitch, fitness suite for keeping fit and the Sixth Form take part in team sports too.

This period of time in essence, is a final push into the direction of university and an eventual career. We can truthfully say that all the skills and support that ND6 provides us with will shine through in whatever we pursue in the future. Notre Dame is a place where girls are encouraged to succeed and there is something here for everyone at Notre Dame to ensure that ND6 girls succeed.

You belong at Notre Dame!