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Welcome by the Head Girl

When you think of sixth form, a large workload, stressful UCAS application and no social life comes to mind. When we think of ND6, leadership opportunities, closer friendships and engaging lessons come to mine.

Staying at Notre Dame is one of the best decisions we have made. Both of us have been here from a very young age and we can both agree the school has given us a strong platform to become independent women.

Why did we choose Notre Dame?

To study well, it is fundamental to enjoy the environment you are studying in. This is so you can work to the best of your ability and so that you want to put in the maximum effort to all school activities and learning. We can honestly say we enjoy our studies here at Notre Dame. We have a connection and relationship with our teachers like no other. All the teachers are very approachable and they will make themselves available for when we need them. During Sixth Form, teacher guidance and support is crucial, especially when taking A-levels, and Notre Dame provides this necessity. We both agree that Notre Dame stands for an environment in which we shape ourselves to be confident, bright girls.

Notre Dame is not solely focussed on academia. In the Sixth Form we are given a lot of opportunities to flourish in all aspects of life, from Young Enterprise, to the Chaplaincy Team, from Prefect to even a Gold Fish Monitor! We are encouraged to take part in the school and wider community. We have an all-weather pitch, fitness suite for keeping fit and the Sixth Form take part in team sports too.

ND6 girls succeed. Whether you choose university, a gap year or embark on an apprenticeship, Notre Dame has the tools to help you succeed in any aspect of your future. The options are endless.

Notre Dame is so much more than just a school; it really is a close community where girls are encouraged to succeed. There is something for everyone at Notre Dame, whether that is Drama, Academia, Music or Sport. You belong at Notre Dame!