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Welcome by the Head Girl

The personal relationships we have formed and developed with our teachers are ones we will cherish forever

Head and Deputy Head Girls Sep 2021


Notre Dame School will be always be a safe and encouraging environment for us and our peers and has become what many of us consider our second family. This strong sense of community supports all the girls as we develop academically and personally. Most importantly, the school priorities our wellbeing and mental health with many support teams being available 24/7. Caring for each girl as an individual is something that is valued very highly here at Notre Dame, and in our case, has really helped shape us into the people we are today. It is an encouraging atmosphere were girls are taught to do their best whilst at the same time not being afraid to try new things. Our school nurtures and inspires students to enjoy their education and make the most of all of the opportunities that are presented to them. Our decision to join Notre Dame for the senior school and stay on for sixth form was undoubtedly the best we could have made. 

The sixth form promotes individualism and provides extremely beneficial support by the teachers for each girl. The personal relationships we have formed and developed with our teachers are ones we will cherish forever. They have provided us with a foundation of knowledge and wisdom that we will be able to apply to all aspects of our futures. Small class sizes have allowed us to gain teachers' undivided academic attention, ensuring our prosperity and our deeper understanding of each subject. The range of activities that we have been able to explore has been very impactful in making us well rounded students; from drama, to music, to sport, the opportunities are unlimited. Many girls have even discovered new interests due to the freedom of girls creating their own clubs, allowing each and everyone of us the chance to express and share our passions. 

As our time at Notre Dame is fleeting, we can reflect on the amazing years that Notre Dame has given us. We cannot emphasise enough what an incredible time we’ve had during these school years and how much we appreciate them.  All of us would recommend Notre Dame school as it has given us so many enjoyable and enriching years. To have experienced and carried out our education at this school has been a privilege that we will look back on with the fondest of memories.

Athena and Sofia


ND6 Group Photos Sep 2021-2
ND6 Garden
Prefect Team 2021-2