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4F Assembly – Henry VIII ‘Find Me a Wife’

4F Assembly - Henry VIII Find Me a Wife

4F’s Assembly – “Find me a wife!” The Tudor Gameshow

Oh dear, King Henry is in a quandary, he needs a wife and FAST!

4F’s assembly took us back in time to 1485 where we learned about the start of the Tudor dynasty, the Battle of Bosworth field, and the eventual reign of King Henry VIII. The “Find me a wife” gameshow saw each contestant wife being presented in front of King Henry for his approval. Would he be happy with just one wife?  Oh no, not at all! Henry went through SIX wives, and their fates were decided: divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived.

Well done girls, a great effort this morning!

Huge thanks to Mrs Cesar for her superb choreography!

4F Assembly - Henry VIII Find Me a Wife

Mrs Flecther and Mrs Humble