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Sixth Form

Welcome To The Sixth Form
at Notre Dame

Notre Dame Sixth Form is known as ND6 and offers you the freedom to pursue subjects that really excite you in a dynamic, academic and supportive setting where hard work coexists with laughter and an authentic sense of belonging. Our ND6 students can choose between 26 A Level subjects, taught in small tutorial-style sessions by dynamic, future-focused specialists.

Sixth Form is only five terms long and are crucial formative years. At Notre Dame, we aim to understand each and every student and guide them to explore their new freedoms and responsibilities alongside the challenges, preoccupations and pressures of modern life. Ultimately, we want to offer all students every opportunity to explore who they want to be and what they would like to do next.

Life In ND6

We often say there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ ND6 student. All our students are valued for precisely who they are, which brings out unique qualities and we encourage personal journeys in pursuit of their own ambitions. We celebrate diversity and have a culture of respect and inclusion that runs authentically throughout the culture of our school.

Our 117 co-curricular clubs and activities are paramount to the opportunity at Notre Dame, whether that be Young Enterprise, The Peer Education Project, Model UN, sports teams, drama or music performances, there really is something for everyone.

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Your A Level Choices

At Notre Dame, we want to inspire our students academically by offering a wide variety of opportunities. We offer 26 A Level subjects in small, tutorial-style sessions delivered by creative, engaging and highly specialist subject leads.

Our small class sizes offer students a personalised and tailored learning experience, with extensive opportunities for academic enrichment throughout the year.

All this comes together in exceptional performance in public examinations and we consistently outperform the national independent school average. We are proud that more than half of our students achieve grades A and A* at A Level and 96% of our students achieve, on average, grades A*-C. One in three of our students achieve three grades A* and A across all their subjects, on average.

Careers & University

At Notre Dame, we have a strong careers and next-steps programme that all our students benefit from. We ensure individual guidance and support is offered so that every student can fulfil their aspirations and goals after leaving Notre Dame.

Our specialist future team are up-to-speed with all current universities, apprenticeships and the current and future world of work to assist our students on their own pathways.

Our extensive alumnae network plays a vita role in providing support, networking and work experience in order to guide students into their higher education choices.

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For those girls who show an aptitude for and interest in applying for Oxford or Cambridge Universities or for studying Medicine or Veterinary Science, we provide specialised personalised support.


A Level Results &

Our Congratulations go out to our 2023 A Level cohort who achieved excellent results. We are really proud of every student.

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