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Francesca Edwards Pilots Her Sister Claudia

It’s not every day you hop on an Easyjet plane bound for Milan to find that that your pilot sister is actually flying you there! But that’s exactly what happened to alumna Claudia Edwards recently ….

Claudia lives and works in Milan and had been home to Surrey to catch up with family for a weekend break. She takes up the story: “My sister Francesca, who is a pilot for Easyjet, was on standby so was not meant to be on my flight, but she got called that morning to say she was needed. So she knew but didn’t tell me! The flight was in the evening and I walked up the steps to the plane to find her standing at the cockpit door waiting for me!

“She made sure I got the VIP treatment with some snacks sent back my way. I also got a shout out on the PA as I was the first person from our family to be on one of her flights! I’m happy to say that her take off and landing were both very smooth, and the icing on the cake was that there was no risk of her being late picking me up from the airport – as was the plan – as we arrived at the same time!”

Our picture shows Claudia and Francesca in the cockpit. Francesca Edwards, who is also an alumna, is a First Officer on the airline’s Airbus 320 fleet and flies travellers all over Europe. Who knows, she may just be flying you on holiday this summer – so if you’re going Easyjet, listen out for her name!

Ros Roberts, Alumnae Manager