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Forest School June 7th

Reception Forest School June 5

At Notre Dame Forest School our aim is to build on the children’s motivation and positive attitude to learning.  We want our pupils to engage with the outdoors and foster a love, respect, understanding and responsibility for our environment. Our pupils are offered opportunities through practical activities, to take beneficial risks whilst building on their decision making, creative thinking and problem solving skills.

Here are this week’s activities that took place in Forest School!

Please do note that all of the Forest School activities and photos are shared on our EYFS Firefly Pages

Wise Owls – Wise Owls Forest School — Notre Dame School (

Reception – Forest School — Notre Dame School (

Year 1 – Year 1 Forest School — Notre Dame School (

Year 2 – Forest School — Notre Dame School (

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Pre-School Nursery

Wise Owls

Session 1: Wise Owls exploring the woodland finding items of interest. We talked about deciduous trees and evergreen. The children worked with clay through the discussion forming shapes of leaves and imprinted leaves and then made a tree spirit with the resources available to them.

Owls Forest School June 4

Session 2: Wise Owls engaging with safe use of secateurs, being creative with painting, relaxing with books and being great team players.

Owls Forest School June 6


Reception discovering habitats amongst the deadwood. Developing balancing skills & practicing knots to thread beads to make items of jewellery. Also creative with clay making all sorts of shapes to look like fruit etc. and then as a team collected flora to make a tree spirit.

Reception Forest School June 5

Year 1

Year 1 developing balance skills in the woodland and gaining more depth of knowledge learning about the variety of flora and fauna in the natural world.

Year 1 Forest School June 7th

Well done team! #enjoying #theoutdoors #keepingactive

#breathingspace #OurGreatOutdoors