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Notre Dame School Trip to Bordeaux: A Memorable Experience

Bordeaux 2024

I am thrilled to share with you the wonderful experiences of our recent residential trip to Bordeaux with our Year 9 and 10 students studying French.

Thirty-one students, accompanied by three dedicated teachers and me, embarked on this adventure that perfectly blended educational enrichment and cultural immersion.

Despite the occasional rain, our students proved to be resilient and enthusiastic, making the most of every opportunity. The trip began with a visit to a local museum, where the girls delved into the rich history and culture of Bordeaux. This was followed by a scenic boat trip, which was unfortunately done in the rain but still offered stunning views of the city from the Garonne River.

Shopping in the heart of Bordeaux was a hit, giving the students a chance to practice their French in real-world situations while picking up souvenirs and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere. Our culinary adventures were equally memorable, as the girls got to taste authentic French cuisine, further enhancing their cultural experience.

A special highlight was our visit to the Cathedral of Notre Dame and the Pey Berland Tower, where the students were awe-inspired by the magnificent architecture and historical significance.

Another memorable visit was to Notre Dame School in Bordeaux, where our students connected with their French counterparts, fostering new friendships, and practicing their language skills in a school setting.

This visit was particularly meaningful as we strive to honor Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac, who hailed from Bordeaux, by strengthening ties with the local community.

The trip concluded with smooth flights to and from Bordeaux, with our students behaving impeccably throughout the journey, truly being a credit to Notre Dame School in Cobham.

I am incredibly proud of how our students represented our school and grateful for the opportunity to provide them with such enriching experiences. I look forward to more trips that combine education, culture, and fun, continuing to inspire our students in their learning journey.


Madame Lane, Head of French