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Parent Online Tips June 26th

Year 6 to 7 Transition

Every week e-safety adviser Alan Mackenzie sends me weekly updates. They are useful teaching resources but also parent guides to keep you up to date with current trends.
Here are a few from this week’s updates:

Year 6 Transition to Secondary

I shared this one quite recently but as the summer holidays are fast approaching I felt it was worth sharing again.

Internet Matters have a wonderful series of videos, articles and advice for parents and teachers to help with the transition from Y6 to Y7. There are activities, free lesson plans, information for parents and much more.

You can find all the information by clicking on the image below:

Year 6 Transition to Secondary

Family Pairing

Social Media Icons

From all the parents online safety talks I give I’m still surprised that only a minority of parents are aware that some apps allow family pairing which, depending on the app, can do a variety of things such as:
Manage screen time.
Apply restricted mode (content restrictions).
Manage who children are talking to and what’s being shared (including images).
Of the more popular apps, here are ones that allow family pairing along with a link which describes what family pairing is, the features available and how to set it up:

TikTok – HERE.
Snapchat – HERE
YouTube – HERE
Instagram – HERE 

Mrs Plummer, Prep ICT Coordinator