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Prep Inter-Squad Gala Report 2022

Prep Inter Squad Gala Photo Gallery 2022

Intersquad Gala Report

Prep Inter Squad Gala Photo Gallery 2022

A full gallery has been uploaded to Firefly and can be seen by clicking on the collage above

The annual Prep Inter-squad Swimming Gala was held on Thursday 19th May with 51 girls competing including 10 year 2 girls. We witnessed some really exciting races. 124 new records were set, so this shows how well the girls were swimming. Every girl set at least one new personal best time.

Some of the improvements were astonishing, especially from some of the year 2 swimmers.

I would just like to highlight 4 examples.

Isla C – Front Crawl previous best time 28.68 – on the night 23.26

Annabel R – Front Crawl Previous best time 41.47 – on the night 27.13

Lenka B – Front Crawl Previous Best 42.28 – on the night 32.91

Iris T – Backstroke Previous Best 55.44 – on the night 37.22

These improvements are amazing.

This table shows who has set new records and in what stroke.  

Prep Inter Squad Gala Results and PBs

All these new records are so impressive and this is one of the reasons we hold this event each year because the girls consistently produce their best times at this event. Girls if you would like to know your times please let me have your planners and I will update them.

It was so exciting to have everyone back in the pool supporting, I have really missed holding this event over the last two years and it was lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves.

At the presentation after the swimming event, awards were given for commitment to the Notre Dame Swimming Team and some girls were presented with Special Awards.

Diving Cup – Lucy B.

Star of the Year Award:- Year 2 – Holly F,  Year 3 –Lydia M, Year 4 – Emily L, Year 5 Emma F.

Year 6 Awards:-

Outstanding Breaststroke – Charis W

Outstanding Backstroke – Campbell B

Outstanding Butterfly – Martha T

Most Versatile – Elisia CJ

Perseverance & Commitment – Elisabetta M and Chloe G

Outstanding commitment to swimming at Notre Dame – Tilly R and Ella N

Demonstrates Notre Dame Team Spirit – Charlotte Guise

Volunteer Award – Hettie Poole

Improvement & Potential – Poppy Salt

For dedication to swimming, showing excellence in all stroke – Alex Bowen

The Captain’s Award went to Sadie B

Many thanks to the current captains Alex and Campbell you have done a great job this year and thank you for your lovely speech.

Green Book Awards were awarded to:- Alex, Campbell, Martha, Elisia and Charis, for achieving National School Speed Award Gold standard in at least 3 out of 4 strokes. I have now looked at the times and the following girls have also now achieved the required times:- Holly H and Emma F, – These Green Books will be handed out in assembly.

Well done to all the girls that attended the IAPS regional round and Good Luck to the girls in the finals on the Saturday 11th June.

The swimmer voted by the girls for Swimmer of the Year was Alex B

Finally many thanks again staff helpers over the year and to all the parents for their support throughout the year. Thank you all so much for my fantastic gifts and the lovely flowers I received it is so kind of you all. I have also really appreciated the kind emails and messages I have received since the event.

Swimmers you have been amazing this year and I am so proud of you all, you are so committed and dedicated to swimming at Notre Dame and I am looking forward to next year.

Many thanks

Mrs Jones