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Prep Sports Board Feb 26th

Weekly IAPs Keeping Active Challenge Gallery - Week 7

1KM ERPSSA XC Results – These are attached in a word document

1KM ERPSSA X Country Results

House point totals 

Gaston- 15,066

Jeanne 14,035

Michel 15,189

Richard 13,796

All very very close! 

Challenge the Captains

Captains Challenges

Ella’s is how Many star Jumps can you do in 1minute can you beat Ella’s 74

Phoebe is the coin flip Challenge, can you beat 13, 2p coins. 

IAPS Activities Week 8

Week 8 - IAPS Challenge week

Make sure you do a light warm up before completing each daily activity, we don’t want any injuries. If you are unsure what an exercise is, pop it into google to see a demonstration. Don’t worry if you can’t do an activity, just do as much or as little as you can and want to! Most importantly HAVE FUN!

Last week’s Challenge Photo Gallery

Weekly IAPs Keeping Active Challenge Gallery - Week 7

Online Classes

Mrs Jones cannot wait to get these girls back in the pool for their swimming lessons! Year 6 fitness class focused on strength exercises for swimming! #NotLongNow

Online PE Session - Strength for Swimming

Mrs Purgavie