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Prep Sports Board June 28th


U11 Downsend Event

The girls enjoyed a lovely Saturday morning of athletics at Downsend. What a morning of achievements. Each & every Notre Dame girl upping their performance for themselves & each other. So proud of you girls, thank you for getting out of bed & being amazing!

These two Yr 5 girls stepped up and competed as Y6 events. One of the teams came first and the other third.

Y5 Stepping up to Y6 Athletics Events

Final Results:

U8A 2nd

U9A 3rd

U9B 3rd

U10A 3rd

U11A 3rd

U11B Winners

A full gallery has been uploaded to Firefly

Mrs Tomlinson, Acting Head of Prep PE

Outside School Sporting Success

We love to hear about your daughters’ achievements in sport outside school. Please do share any photos and news with us and we will include it in the Friday Mailing!


Equestrian – Lucy Continues Winning Streak!

Lucy P won her age group class last weekend at the Area 13 Tetrathlon Regional Final with a clear round, best swim and best shoot.
She got a top score in the shoot with all 10 of her shots being a 10. This is an outstanding feat which has been done by few.
Here is a photo of her with her targets:
Lucy P - Equestrian - Tetrathlon Winner

Mrs Tomlinson, Acting Head of Prep PE

Swim Skl Swimming Lessons Autumn Term 2024

 Mr and Mrs Leather are very grateful that the school has given them 2 more days of hire at Notre Dame for their swim school.
They are now able to offer lessons on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday morning.
Swim Skl Swimming Lessons

Mr Leather, Sports Assistant