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Senior Drama Board June 28th

Daisy Pulls It Off - Lower School Production

A Lower School Production – Daisy Pulls It Off.

Well done to all the girls in the cast in this year’s Lower School Play, Daisy Pulls If Off, who have been working very hard in final rehearsals and are performing their play in the Montaigne Theatre on Friday 28th June at 7:00pm and Saturday 29th June at 2:00pm.

Daisy Pull It Off by Denise Deegan is a fast-paced comic parody of adventure stories about life in a 1920’s girls’ boarding school. The plot concerns resourceful Daisy Meredith, a bright girls from a poor background, who is forced to overcome snobbish prejudice when she is awarded a place at the exclusive Grangewood School. Amid schoolgirl pranks, midnight feasts, clifftop rescues and exciting hockey games, she and her best friend, Trixie Martin search for the fabled missing treasure, which could save the fortunes of the school. Along the way Daisy overcomes false accusations and discovers the truth about a mysterious stranger from her past…

A big thank you to Miss Prescott, Mr Cook, Mr Wheatley, Mrs Treherne and Miss Gilhespie for directing, producing and running the production.

Daisy Pulls it Off

All of the photos can be seen on Firefly



Miss Graham, Director of Drama