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Senior Sports Board July 5th

Year 12 Sports Day Captains 2024

Sports Day 2024

Sports Day 2024 – was basking in sunshine.

It was held at a new venue this year – the Xcel Sports Hub in Walton.
Although it was a very hot day all the pupils embraced the house spirit and competed well in each event.

Although there were no Victix Ladoreum this year there were some stand out performances:

Year 7

Evelyn F not only won the High Jump but broke a 20 year old record with a high jump of: 1.37
She also won the Vortex.

Emma F won both the: Long Jump & 200m

Shion C: 100m & 200m in her heats

Year 8

Annabel L won both the: 200m & Discus

Hettie P won both the: Hurdles & 200m

Erin B won both the: Ball throw & the Shot

Year 9

Michelle E won both the: Javelin & Shot

Ester J won both the: High Jump & Hurdles

Julia M: 200m & Long Jump

Bella M: 200m Heat & Ball Throw

Jemima B: 200m and 100m heats

Year 10

Olivia B won both the: Hurdles & 200m

The scores on the day were very close with each house winning a year group

  • Year 7 – Montaigne
    Year 8 – Montferrant
    Year 9 – Eyquem
    Year 10 – Lestonnac

Overall – Montaigne were Victorious.

Sports Day 2024

Please could we do a massive shout out to the 6th form who were fantastic throughout the day, helping, cheering and supporting.

Miss Paul, Director of Sport 

Outside School Sporting Success

We love to hear about your daughters’ achievements in sport outside school. Please do share any photos and news with us and we will include it in the Friday Mailing!


Martha T competed in the Leatherhead Open meet last weekend and PB’d in all four events (200 IM, 200 freestyle, 100 IM and 100fly). She also came away with a medal in every event- one gold, two silver and one bronze!

Martha T - Leatherhead Open Meet June 2024

Three Notre Dame girls took part in the regional south east open water competition (Alice Alampi, Serena Gill and Alex Bowen) They all swam the 3km race and swam super well.

Regional South East Open Water Swim

Miss Paul, Director of Sport