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Senior Sports Board June 25th


On Wednesday athletes from Years’ 7-10 took part in a competition at Manor House School. It was a lovely friendly and supportive atmosphere and all the ND girls did well both on the track and in the field events. Congratulations to everyone who took part and we should receive the results from Manor House next week.

Year 7: Olivia B, Stella T, Olivia S, Freia S, Sophia N, Nicole G, Emma M, Anouk L

Year 8: Steph W, Preeti G, Carmen R, Miila E, Emma M, Ciara S

Year 9: Darcey D, Emma C, Connie L, Annalisa G, Emily G, Emma G

Year 10: Juliette F, Carmen J, Leonie C, Yasmin C, Izabel W, Emily S, Jemima J, Luella D