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Year 6 LAMDA Showcase 2024

Y6 LAMDA Showcase 2024

On Tuesday evening, the Year 6 LAMDA girls delighted their parents with a wonderful display of duologues and monologues in the Theatre for the Annual LAMDA Showcase. The girls poured their hearts and creativity into their performances, showcasing imaginative work in preparation for their upcoming exams in June.

The evening was filled with different characters from scenes such as ‘Beauty and the Beast, Danny the Champion of the World,The Capture of Goldilocks, Hansel and Gretel, The Hare and the Tortoise and Little Miss Muffet. We also had some wonderful characters from other scenes such a fishes, a monster, pawns from a chess board, Evacuees and even a Bee! Each girl took charge of her own makeup, face paints, and hair and put their own sets together. They did a fabulous job and I was very proud of them all.

These exams are invaluable for building the girls’ confidence, self-awareness and communication skills.

Congratulations to all the performers!

All of the photos have been uploaded to Firefly and can be seen by clicking on the collage below:

Y6 LAMDA Showcase 2024

Mrs Alderin, Prep LAMDA Teacher