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Year 9 Dragons Den: First World War Weapons

Year 9 History Blogs

Year 9 have been working hard but also having fun in Mrs Best’s History lessons this term learning about the weapons that were used in the First World War. They have just finished a series of lessons where they re-enacted the TV programme ‘Dragons Den’. They had to imagine that they were selling the newest ‘World War One’ weapons to a set of ‘Dragons’ AKA the five key countries involved in the First World War: Germany, Austria Hungary, France, Russia and Britain.

The students had two lessons and a homework in which they had to write a pitch to present to the ‘Dragons’ about why their particular weapon would mean the difference between the different countries winning the war and breaking the stalemate of World War One. They also had to have a visual element to accompany their pitch, such as a poster advertising the strengths of their weapon or a model of the weapon itself.

There were some absolutely brilliant models (made out of cardboard and paper) including tanks and bayonets as well as very well written, persuasive pitches and even some catch phrases! The ‘Dragons’ were chosen at random and asked very pressing questions but there was also success with lots of buying of weapons in exchange for investment in the new start-up companies.

Well done Year 9 with your impressive work.

Mrs Best, History Teacher