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Breathing Space

Notre Dame School sits within 26 acres of beautiful, rural parkland and we enjoy making the
most of this glorious, peaceful and safe environment. Our ‘breathing space’ is about so much more
than physical space, though; it is about ensuring that everyone feels safe and has the time and space to be themselves.

This freedom is fundamental for building character, confidence and learning vital life skills, which is
particularly important in our youngest children. Every child develops at a different pace and in different ways, and we celebrate this difference and encourage each child to take forward steps in their own time.

Wellbeing, resilience, happiness and wider spiritual awareness are at the heart of what we do everyday at Notre Dame, and this attitude has been deeply embedded in our ethos for more than 400 years.

Pastoral Care

At Notre Dame Pre-School Pastoral Care is embedded at the heart of everything we do.  In Pre-School, we provide a warm and caring environment in which girls and boys can safely grow and develop through fun play and stimulating experiences whilst building a feeling of belonging and being valued. 

A team of dedicated, well-qualified and nurturing educators strive to create a home-from-home atmosphere, ensuring that each child is treated as their own, with care, love and compassion in a well-maintained, safe and secure environment.

When children make the transition from Pre-School to Reception, they are confident, completely prepared and excited for the first steps along the more formally structured educational path.

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