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Growing Space

At Notre Dame we know that everyone is unique and we celebrate difference and diversity. Every child is encouraged and supported to try new things and every achievement and milestone, however small, is celebrated.

Our music, drama, sport and art activities offer particular scope for personal expression, exploration, inspiration and growth. No child should ever fear ‘getting something wrong’ – there is no right way to do things and at Notre Dame we always encourage a ‘have a go’ attitude.

Our children are guided all the way. Learning to navigate the challenges of making friends, sharing, caring and kindness are at the core of our ethos at Notre Dame and every child learns to play their part in our community with a great sense of fun and spirit.

All children throughout our school are able to enjoy our extensive outdoor space, including our wonderful Forest School facilities. We find that outdoor adventures lead to happy, fully engaged, interested, inquisitive children who bubble with excitement and enthusiasm.

Pre-School Theatre
Pre-School Football
Pre-School - Pool
Pre-School Running Track