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Business Studies

Examination Board: Edexcel

A Level Business looks at all aspects of the business world, from starting your own enterprise to being part of a larger corporation.


For the AS Level you will study:

Unit 1: Marketing and People
Meeting customer’s needs, and understanding what is a market? Enterprise and leaders, marketing mix and

Unit 2: Managing Business Activities
Raising finance, financial planning, managing finance, resource management and external influences.

For the A Level you will study:

Unit 3: Global Business
Implications of globalisation, global markets and business expansion, global marketing, global companies are they good or evil?

Unit 4: Business Decisions and Strategy
Business objectives and strategies, business growth and its implications, decision-making techniques, assessing competitiveness and managing change.

How is the course assessed?

This course is assessed by examination only.
AS Level: two examinations covering units 1 and 2.
A Level: three examinations covering all 4 units.
Please note that the AS qualification is a stand-alone qualification and does not count towards the full A Level.

What skills will I need and develop in this course?

This course will help you develop a number of skills:

  • How to view the world around you from different perspectives
  • How to plan and conduct business operations and activities
  • How to analyse and interpret data 
  • Critical reasoning skills – evaluate, justify, discuss
  • How to communicate your point of view fluently

Subject combination advice:

You cannot study both Business and Economics.
Otherwise all combinations work well.

What can the course lead to in terms of higher education and future careers?

A Level Business is an academic qualification. Therefore its greatest use is as a stepping stone to further and higher-level study.

What are the formal entry requirements for this course?

GCSEs in English and mathematics at Grade 5 or above.

What activities enrich this subject?

Students have the opportunity to attend subject-related lectures to reinforce their understanding of the topics covered.

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