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Business Studies

The A Level course at Notre Dame is designed to develop the basic principles of business and go well beyond that, looking at the importance of a business plan and the strategies you can put in place to maximise the chances of success.

Effective financial planning is a priority in business, and students discover ways to calculate, estimate and review costs, set budgets and assess future financial needs. Students learn the principles of sound business management, including marketing, personnel management, operations and finances. With an eye on the current business climate, they learn how change affects business and develop techniques for setting and achieving corporate objectives.

The A level Business is structured into 4 clear and coherent themes:

  1. Marketing and people

  • Meeting customers' needs, what is a market?, enterprise and leaders, marketing mix and strategy.
  1. Managing business activities

  • Raising finance, financial planning, managing finance, resource management and external influences.
  1. Global business

  • Implications of globalisation, global markets and business expansion, global marketing, global companies are they good or evil?
  1. Business decisions and strategy

  • Business objectives and strategies, business growth and its implications, decision making techniques, assessing competitiveness and managing change.

Notre Dame also offers a stand-alone AS level which covers themes 1 and 2.                

A good maths GCSE grade is required in order to be able to analyse quantitative skills such as ratios, percentage change and index numbers

Business is a popular choice for higher education and is seen as a subject that challenges students on a number of levels. Business requires students to apply good evaluation and thinking skills. Students are also asked to problem solve in case studies that are relevant to business’s today.  Studying Business A level gives students experience of working in today’s challenging and fast changing business environment.

The department also offers opportunities to attend business workshops and lectures where knowledge and understanding is enhanced by leading business thinkers of today.

Y12 Economics and Business Trip to Mary Quant Exhibition
Y12 Economics and Business Trip to Mary Quant Exhibition


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