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The aim of chemistry is to understand what the world is made from and how we can use, manipulate and preserve the natural resources available on our planet.  The students will learn about how particles are key to understanding both chemical and physical change.

At A Level students study physical, inorganic and organic chemistry in much greater depth and develop a wide range of essential skills including problem solving, numeracy, literacy and practical dexterity.  Chemistry is a very well regarded A Level for many academic subjects at university but is also essential for students wishing to go onto to further study in the following fields; medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, chemical engineering, biomedical science and pharmacology.   At A Level students are required to achieve a high Grade B in their GCSE course, have an interest in Chemistry and have good mathematical skill.

ND6 Chemistry in Action Lectures at Emmanuel Centre

The Chemistry Department aims to promote and inspire students to enjoy Chemistry through a broad range of other activities which include an active Crest Award Scheme, lecture days, industrial visits and in school events, including the annual chemistry cake competition!