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Examination Board: Edexcel

Music caters for a range of musical skills and explores a variety of musical styles: you need to come to the course with an interest in broadening your skill and knowledge base.  It involves performing and composing, both in any style, as well as learning about how music is created through the analysis of a set of contrasted pieces taken from Classical, Jazz/Pop and World Music.  The course enables the specialist to develop the highest skills in preparation for a university Music course or future career in music and also allows the enthusiastic to dabble in a much-loved subject. 

The minimum entrance requirement for AS Music is Grade 5 on your instrument or voice.  Harmonic analysis is an important aspect of the course so Grade 5 theory is useful, though not essential.  It is not a requirement to have taken GCSE Music.  Music scholarships are available and involvement in the Department’s extra-curricular activities is expected.  Music plays an integral role in our school life with many opportunities for performance, including tours abroad.   Our choirs have visited Rome, Paris, Vienna and Santiago di Compostella in Spain.

Music complements a range of commonly required A Level subjects like Maths, Science (particularly Physics), English, Biology, Languages as well as other Arts subjects. Music graduates have a wide range of career options available to them both inside and outside the industry, including: performer, teacher, administrator, songwriter, conductor, composer, recording engineer, manager, promoter or music publisher.  There are also more jobs than ever in music business related areas, such as: digital marketing, social media, PR, technology, label services, ticketing and merchandising.  It is also common to find music graduates in consultancy, finance, banking, music therapy and legal jobs.