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Have you ever wondered why girls play with dolls and boys with guns? Why does Mum do the ironing while Dad puts up a shelf? If girls are performing better than boys in education, why do men on average earn more money than women?

Sociology explores the answers to these questions and many more. Sociology is the study of society and how it shapes individuals’ lives and attitudes. It is the study of the social relationships that people share.

The course focuses on the formation of identity, culture and socialisation and aims to explain inequalities in terms of gender, age, ethnicity and social class. Using sociological theory to evaluate evidence, Sociology helps us to explain the causes of patterns and tends in societal data.  There are no right or wrong answers; Sociological thought encourages debate, evaluation and the ability to support conclusions with reasoning.

Sociology is an academically demanding subject and helps students develop analytical skills, encourages a critical examination theoretical concepts and analysis of the world that surrounds us. Former students have gone on to study both Sociology and Criminology at university. The course helps prepare students for careers in personnel, public administration, the Civil Service, journalism education and health care.

To study Sociology a minimum B grade in English is needed. A candidate must have a genuine interest in people and the world around them.

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