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Big Sisters

Every year 7 girl has a member of year 12 chosen for her to act as a “Big Sister”.

It is a great way of helping the younger girls settle into the Senior School. They have someone to whom they can turn to and ask the simplest of questions or share any worries they may have. The girls see the Big Sister as someone who has been a Year 7 girl herself a few years ago and so will understand any little fears or worries they may have, which they may not feel comfortable mentioning to a teacher.

However, it is not just the younger girls who benefit from this, the Sixth Formers also gain leadership skills, the ability to converse with younger pupils, feeling a sense of fulfilment when they have been instrumental in helping and “making a difference”.

Many of the Sixth formers have been at Notre Dame for a long time, they have gained many skills along the way and they feel that they can show their appreciation by participating in this programme remembering how important and helpful it was to them when they were in year 7.

I had a Big Sister when I was in year 7. It was great as I only have brothers at home, so she was like a proper sister to me. She looked after me and helped me get used to the new school. She could answer a lot of silly questions that I wouldn’t have asked teachers. It is really nice to now be in the other role and feel that I can help the younger girls feel happy and confident in the school too

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