Welcome by Head of Prep

Dear All

Welcome to the Notre Dame Prep School pages, whether you are already a member of this happy and vibrant school, or just having a look to see what might be on offer.

Our aim as a learning community is to develop well-rounded children, fully engaged in an exciting educational experience whilst becoming aware of the world around them. We believe that every child is a unique and special gift from God, with individual talents, needs and interests that should be nurtured and developed as each one grows from a tentative child in Early Years into a confident Year 6 prefect.

We are proud to offer a first class academic education, supported by a full and progressive curriculum for pupils of mixed ability, both in and out of the classroom, and a co-curriculum of over fifty clubs, events and activities to enrich the pupils’ learning.

Please take a moment to read the current Friday Mailing which will provide you with a snapshot of the school this week.

The links on this page will lead you to a great deal of information about the school, including recent events, mailings and letters, however if you have any further questions, or you cannot find what you were hoping to see on the website please drop us a line and we will be pleased to respond: prep.head@notredame.co.uk

Merinda D'Aprano B.Ed. (Hons.), M.A, CTC, FRSA, IAPS, ISI Team Inspector

Head Teacher Prep
Prep News

    Now Enrolling Boys and Girls for Reception 2018

    Boys will remain with us until the end of Year 2.

    Girls can remain with us until...University?