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About Us

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you as parents are likely to make. With a rich 400 year history and an international living tradition, Notre Dame welcomes families of all faiths. We have a truly committed and dedicated staff, which encourage each pupil to become the best possible version of themselves, academically, creatively and socially. ‘We share one vision – to enable your child to shine.’ On behalf of all the staff we very much look forward to seeing you at Notre Dame School. Do browse our website and come along to visit us to see why we are so impressively different...

With strong systems of communication, and management and leadership at all levels excellent, Notre Dame offers a genuinely bespoke education for every individual, whether they be two or 18.

At Notre Dame we:

Keep the flame alive

Stretch out a helping hand

Live up to our name

Serve in a way that is always new

Keep friendship among us

Wellbeing Award for Schools 2020-2023