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Promoting Family Values, nurture, outreach & Compassion

In a school that offers a Christian education, the principles of welcome, nurture and compassion should be evident as you walk through the door. We believe that at Notre Dame this could not be truer. Catholic schools are distinctive in their care and in their love for each individual. This is part of the mission of a faith school, where all are welcome, and encompasses an ethos that stretches throughout the world, because faith organisations seek to bring stability and compassion into an uncertain world. As such, a faith-based education promotes family values, nurture, outreach and compassion for pupils, and also understands that the best academic and holistic education will equip the young adults of the future to transform the world for the better. This means being truly dedicated to academic rigour, high standards of personal behaviour, outstanding pastoral care, high-quality teaching and every other aspect of a fully rounded, creative and inclusive education. That is why, for many families, a faith-based education is the best choice.

A warm welcome for all

Regardless of your own faith or denomination (or none), Notre Dame School offers a warm reception to all and is committed to accompanying each child, and her family through the school years. At Notre Dame, the Company of Mary Our Lady continues to live out a 400-year tradition of teaching girls, and instilling in them an awareness and care for the world, and also seeks to love each individual, with her own unique personality, as a precious child of God, whatever the family’s own faith traditions or situation.

The programmes of study include religion and theology (as age appropriate) in order that all children develop a firm understanding of their place in the world and their responsibilities with regard to developing their potential for their own benefit and that of society in general. Charitable awareness is promoted, and Feast Days are celebrated by the whole school, giving the whole community a sense of shared joy and purpose. As a Catholic setting, Notre Dame School has an expectation that all children will respect the Christian traditions, participate in assemblies, school masses and prayers, and to care for each other, but there is no requirement to be Catholic, or Christian, or to be part of any church.

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